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Kevin Ryan
Kevin R.
15:55 12 Oct 19
Worst company ever. Thought I'd sign up with them to have all utilities on one bill rather than 2 separate companies. Instead for some reason they only made my account for electricity. After starting to receive 2 bills called them up to fix it. Instead of fixing it they created a second account in my name for both services. And started getting notices from one account that was way overpaid and one account that kept going up. Double billed and they want their money.....
lisa moffatt
lisa M.
17:03 09 Oct 19
THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY. DONT use them. My heat was cut off & they wont work with me to have it recomnected until bill is completely paid off. Winter is here & no heat its freezing
Kat Simon
Kat S.
15:18 08 Oct 19
I have never been so annoyed with a company in my life. I have spent the last half hour trying to get someone on the phone because their website is worthless and I keep being pushed through prompts. Do you they not have customer service?! This company is literally incompetent.
Kiel Ingram
Kiel I.
15:58 27 Sep 19
I was hit with a "cost recovery fee" of $200. When I inquired about the fee, I was told it was for the Nest thermostat that was part of my contract. I was 2 weeks away from completing a 5 year contract and I have to pay the full $200?! I will never do business with these clowns again. Would give 0 stars if I could.
Brylee Rogers
Brylee R.
20:04 26 Sep 19
I would give 0 stars if I could. I would give negative stars. WORST UTILITY COMPANY EVER! The employees never seem to know what they are doing, they constantly make errors and dont do anything to fix it. They charged me for 2.5 months of services after I moved out and after calling them probably 20 times now and no one knowing what was going on they are telling me I have to pay the charges even though they are the ones who messed up and started a contract in my name that I didnt ask for and didnt move my services when I asked them to. I didnt even know about the charges until they came up on my credit report. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM! I know I'm not the only one fighting with them about their charges and poor customer service. Whatever deal they are offering you, dont buy it, ITS NOT WORTH IT!
19:54 19 Sep 19
Way better than Enmax
Kyle Hurlburt
Kyle H.
16:19 29 Aug 19
Don't touch Direct Energy with a ten foot pole. Hands down the most frustrating utility company to deal with. You will waste a lot of time sitting on hold, then speak to a barely coherent offshore call centre, and nobody will be able to solve your problems or stop the same endless parade of mistakes over and over.
20:26 26 Aug 19
Had an amount owing and they didn't call or email me. I had no idea until a collections company called me. Now I have a collections on my almost perfect credit. What a joke in this day and age that a company wouldn't call or email their clients when they have an amount owing.
Amber Marriott
Amber M.
04:43 23 Aug 19
Tonight was a really frustrating night with Direct Energy and I would not recommend this company to anyone. The Customer Service is lax and incompetent to handle the smallest task. Since July 4th we have been trying to have a resolve on the billing side and 3 times have been told it would and was resolved and tonight this was still not resolved! They finally just said "since the system will not allow us to remove it (a fee) you will simply need to pay it" WHAT? If your company has an error and fails to resolve it several times, a customer doesn't just HAVE TO BUY IT! The phone conversations are recorded and such a verbal agreement between the company agents and consumers and I want this out here so that this is on record. When a company fails to resolve an error on their end that is in a agreement and/or contract, this is a liability on the company. And consumers have a right to fight this. I have asked several times to speak to the department that handles these requests and have been told "that is not possible" and also not possible to talk to someone face to face so I am at my whits end to get a resolve! So this is my sounding board. Please here this cry for change to your broken system.
Rsbell77 .
Rsbell77 .
16:25 13 Aug 19
Absolutely shocking how terrible and dishonest this company is. My tenants left my property and the new tenants didn't bother to hook up the gas. So Direct Energy took it upon themselves to open an account in my name and send me a bill for $700 4 months later...when I had no idea the account existed. Now my credit rating is screwed. Hope you burn in hell Direct Energy.
A Google User
A Google U.
20:20 18 Jul 19
Dont use this company!!! They lie about not hitting your credit, then promise to remove the hit and dont!!!! They will ignore you and never keep their word!!! Go with a reputable honest good company!!!!
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